What’s Your Innovation IQ


Questions for CEOs and Executives:

  • Do you understand that the future is increasingly unpredictable and the threat of disruption is real?
  • As a business leader, what are you doing to keep up?
  • How are you evolving your organization to defend market share and remain relevant?
  • Are you prepared to disrupt yourself before someone else does it for you?
  • How would you re-invision the future of your company?
  • When information truly is ubiquitous, when reach and connectivity are completely global, when computing resources are infinite, and when a whole new set of impossibilities are not only possible, but happening, what will that do to your business?
  • How would a very smart, well-capitalized competitor attack the company’s core business?
  • How could it take advantage of exponential technologies to exploit weaknesses or skim off the most profitable customer segments?