Technological change is accelerating at an exponential rate, putting extremely powerful technologies in the hands of small and nimble teams.


Traditional barriers to entry and competitive advantages are evaporating overnight and no industry is immune to the coming wave of radical disruption.

While this reality poses significant threats, it also creates extraordinary opportunities to revolutionize business models and achieve formerly unthinkable growth trajectories.

Unfortunately, pursuing meaningful breakthroughs require an appetite for risk and tolerance for failure that most companies do not posses.

At precisely the time innovation has become imperative to survival, many companies are finding it increasingly difficult. Internal bureaucracy and cultural issues are stifling the execution of billion dollar ideas. 

This new era of rapid-pace innovation requires bold thinking and action from all fronts. Your expectation of what your organization can realize from innovation should be transformative. And your expectations of your external collaborators in pursuit of this transformation should be dramatically different and significantly higher.

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