It’s time to get a solid grasp on “Exponential Technologies”. Why? Because these forces wiped out revenues at Kodak, at Rim and at Borders.
If you aren’t in a position to harness exponential technologies and breakthrough
business models, you need to be.
Companies need innovative ideas and products, the kind that usually come from startups and entrepreneurs. So why not nurture the startup mentality in-house and keep all the fame, fortune and profit? Well, because it rarely works. Even when done as well as it can be done, in-house innovation has its limits. In practice, it can be extremely expensive, and some of the biggest R&D misses have caused heads to roll.
The big-time breakthroughs are most likely to come from 7 TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE CHANGING THE WORLD* and new kinds of organizational tools like incentive competitions.
Sure, it’s a safe bet, you are on top of some of these technology vectors, but that’s not enough. Why? Because all of them have the possibility of crossing into your market, and massively changing the economics for your customers.
This program demonstrates a new way to foresee and be a part of the major technology and business model shifts that are going to change your industry.

* Exponential Technologies: areas of technology innovation that are experiencing rapid change due to computing power doubling every 18 months (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Biology & Medicine, Digital Manufacturing, Infinite Computing, Sensors & Networks.)