Participate in creating a breakthrough. Own it early.
Capitalize on it. Make money with it. Own new markets.

OUR SOLUTION IS TO PROVIDE A BROAD SET of capabilities, expertise, and tools in the key areas of innovation to executive teams who can implement and take advantage of our insights.
The Exponential Business (EB) is a highly selective and curated executive education experience designed to accelerate business innovation and ensure your company stays ahead of the ever steeper innovation curve.

The EB is offered as a 4-day workshop (16-32 modules) or Custom Program for corporate groups.
A word of caution: This 4-day event is not a volleyball picnic, or a plush retreat; it is highly curated and process-driven to create value for everyone at the table, and by value,we don;t mean. “a good experience”, or “that was interesting”, or “I met a Singularity University / NASA Member — we mean value that can be measured in hard dollars. 
We curate these events to develop new business models leveraging technologies and ideas. This is driven by real-world experience. The point is to create new opportunities for you to participate in the breakthroughs, not watch them from a distance.